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Our Focus

The puzzle to solve

The physical world

Are you working in

the manufacturing industry & must

maneuver „digital transformation“

in the physical assets world?

Footprints in the Sand

The difference

Are you facing the differences

of the virtually-focused IT world & the real-world machine-intense OT world?

No easy choice

OT doesn’t exist as a

Microsoft- or Apple-like eco-system

nor do you only get to choose between

OS or android platforms.

Balanced Rocks

The paradigm

OT is a hybrid of proprietary vendor technologies, procedures & protocols.  It is not as homogeneous as the computer or cell phone environment.

The feature

OT will continue to keep its heterogeneity as a feature

despite the good attempts to harmonize & standardize.



Any digital app and AI to be successful in the OT space needs to be able to deal with the underlying varieties.

Vendor-agnosticism is key.

The Maneuver

Thus, it is important to maneuver the OT landscapes and all its technological, procedural & organizational demands with a fit4purpose strategy, a top-notch operationalization plan & a flexible implementation approach.

Rock Formations
Desert Highway

We solve

We can help to avoid

enormous opportunity cost

while delivering a

highly scalable & cyber secure

OT digitalization ecosystem approach that seamlessly integrates with your enterprise environment.


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