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Organizational Consultineering

What is your workforce of the future? It appears that this question seems to be hard to answer for the world of industrial automation & its data.

Some like to talk about the OT/IT gap. The cake is big enough, find out below for structuring your fit4purpose workforce.

Workforce Maturity

Verification of the fit/readiness to be future proof for a digital working environment in the physical world of automation.

Skills & Capabilities

Strategic and mission critical skills & capabilities matrix and collaborative  interfaces.

Trainings Compendium

Non-silo'd knowledge transfer & ensuring minimum knowledge loss in case of demographic change and internal workforce re-arrangements.

Roles & Responsibilities

Definition & description of the specific workforce roles that are existing/non-existing. Definition of contextualized RACI matrix.

Supporting Roles

Needed internal supporting roles & internal ecosystem. Including global & local sizing.


Needed externalized ecosystem for support, augmentation of staffing, contracted workforce and the selection process thereof.

What is important to say....

orgamizational SCALERS
We are helping companies to navigate the workforce of the future. Having been leaders in the industry, we know that cutting the curve isn't easy. We understand it's comfortable to oversimplify the complexity of a future workforce & organizational setup.
 We are dedicated to equipping our clients with the insights they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving workforce landscape.
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