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Our Portfolio

Con Scale is a company for Industrial Automation and Machine Data Consultineering. We are specialized in professional services for controls, machine automation, industrial connectivity & real-time data strategies, operations concepts & implementation governance.

We have set a particular                          to solve the digital paradigm for the OT machine-manufacturing intense industries and the challenges it has to maneuver in its upcoming transformation to be future-ready and inspection proof.


Our target manufacturing industries are the pharmaceutical, consumer health, biosynthesis (bio tech & biosimilars), chemical industry, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), cosmetics, food & beverage, medical devices and oil & gas worldwide.

Our offer comprises technology, procedural & organizational consultineering & training, the provision of easy-consumable packages technological, procedural & organizational packets:

Con Scale, your go-to SCALER Company



We scale your ability to be technically, procedurally and organizationally ready to enter the 21st century of digital in machine-intense manufacturing


We are conquering your legacy infrastructure and make it top notch at reasonable opportunity costs


We can easily translate the technical language of technology/OEM providers and system integrators into an end customer's procedural & operational process language and vice versa


We bridge the gap between technology/solution providers, OEM manufacturers, consultants or system integrators and their end-customers



We shake it, make it and scale it

We solve your individual Rubik's cube


Pioneered & championed the conceptualization of Installation as Code (IAC) functionalities along with the streamlined process of installation & complete GxP validation (including IQ, OQ & PQ) of game-changing technologies


Conceptualized the idea of a global/local system instances as a single entity while separating the underlying system from the use case, thus, creating a Platform as a Service scenario allowing for multiple independent use cases to be developed with ease of validation testing


Pioneered the use of ISA95 models for conceptualization, contextualization & data delivery for use case tracking purposes in emerging digital technology platforms


Pioneered the development of automated testing & verification processes during development & configuration to minimize time to delivery 


Pioneered the use of emerging technologies as a Cybersecurity “gap filler” alleviating the need to replace legacy equipment before its normal life cycle completion

From Chaos to Order

The SACRED GRAIL Solution of 

Industrial Digital Transformation 


Con Scale's Worldwide Activities

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Con Scale's Ecosystem


Con Scale is working with & supporting a large network of technology providers & OEMs as well as system integrators & impact partners worldwide.

We are happy to recommend and do support the selection & verification process for your projects.



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