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Procedural Consultineering

Efficiency is key. How to avoid repetitive actions? How to make your work streamlined & modular? How to develop harmonizations & standardizations?

Set them live!

Technology Selection

Feasibility & technology selection process for fit4purpose digital transformation & integration of the virtual & physical world (machines, assets, control systems, etc.).

Specification & "By Design" Standard

Standard templates & requirements for general user & technical specifications / designs, agnostic procurement processes.

Investment Planning

Business Case / business Integration Consultineering, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) considerations incl. all technological, procedural and organizational costs throughout the lifecycle stages.

Regulatory Readiness

Automation safety, cybersecurity, data integrity, qualification & validation workflow assessment. Risk matrices. SOP fragmentation assessment, testing & re-validation process verification.

Deploy & Release Standard

Deployment standards & templates which include local site vs. global deployment considerations (e.g. SOP conflicts, interface homogeneity vs. heterogeneity), run & maintain best practices, amount of standardization vs. harmonization vs. variations.


Have tech/OEM providers & system integrators obey your procedural ecosystem.

What is important to say....

procedural SCALER
Technology is great & can be game changer. However, it can't do magic. 
Some procedural habits can be overcome with technology, but every technology lives in an environment of SOPs. Keep structure, simplicity & modularity. 
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